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Step 1-Initial Interview $299.00
Step 1-Initial Interview

This is the most important step of all! When you take this step, the story is rescued for all time. Delay taking this step and you risk losing something that can never be recovered -- Your History.

Take this step and you can proceed at a more leisurely pace if it fits your schedule and budget more comfortably.

Step 2-CD Set $159.00
Step 2-CD Set

The CD set is created with a customized lable.  Each story is divided in to tracks of approximately fifteen minutes for easy listening in your car or portable player.

Step 3-Transcription $1022.99
Step 3-Transcription

Transcription is the process of converting the recorded interview into a print version. It is a tedious process taking more than double the amount of time the interview itself takes.

The printed word has been around for thousands of years and will be for thousands of years into the future. Without the print version, your story will not be completely timeless.

Step 4-Edit Process $959.99
Step 4-Edit Process

The editing process entails comparing the recorded interview to the transcribed interview. Any content errors in transcription are corrected, place and people names are verified and checked for proper spelling, pictures are inserted in their proper places and the final printed version is produced.

Many hours are invested in this process in order to give you the clearest and most professional account of your family member's story as possible.

Step 5-Page/Picture/Cover Layout $489.99
Step 5-Page/Picture/Cover Layout

The edited version is prepared for final printing. The chapters are defined for ease of reading, indexes are prepared, final picture inclusion and placement is verified, appendices are added and all items are prepared for the printing of the book.

Once authorized, the printed version will be ordered.

Step 6-Hardcover Publishing $989.00
Step 6-Hardcover Publishing

Only the most experienced bookbinders and materials are used to produce your family member's historical record.Only the finest English and Moroccan leathers and dyes are used. The pages are stitched and the binding is done with great care so that your story will be safe for the maximum time. Real gold leaf is used in to print your family member's name on the front and spine of the book.

You will regard this book as a family heirloom and display it prominently.

Step 7-Softcover publishing $18.49
Step 7-Softcover publishing

Quite often other family members would like an affordable version of the book to keep and enjoy in their own household. We do offer an affordable softcover version. Order one or more for other family members. Steps 1, 3, 4 and 5 must be completed in order to order soft cover books.

Entire KeepSafe Package $3499.99
Entire KeepSafe Package

All of the component steps PLUS this beautiful hardwood case. Discounted more than $500.


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